At Gazaway Auto and Tire, we not only offer oil changes and lubrication services, but fluid replacement for all parts of your drive train. Our 3000 mile service consists of a quality oil filter, high quality conventional Valvoline or J.D. Street synthetic blend oil, lubrication of all greaseable steering and suspension components, and fluid top off for your other fluids. We also check conditions of filters, belts, hoses, and many under car components including brakes and exhaust.
Our 3,000 mile service is $26.00 plus tax. (Vehicles requiring over five quarts of oil, special filters, or fully synthetic oil are extra). If you have a preferred oil, we can provide any brand of oil including Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec, and Royal Purple.

We also offer flush services for your fuel system, cooling system, and transmission featuring BG products. Our BG fuel system service cleans your entire fuel and induction system and in most cases yields significant gains in fuel economy. Reports from our customers average 2-4 miles per gallon increase in economy. Our BG transmission flush not only replaces all fluid in your transmission, but also uses a powerful cleaner to clean internal transmission parts. The flush also utilizes a seal conditioner to help with minor transmission shift concerns and prolong transmission life. We use high quality transmission fluid to complement the BG products. The BG coolant flush cleans your entire engine cooling system and replaces all engine coolant with a perfect 50/50 mix of high quality antifreeze and water. The flush also includes a heat transfer enhancement additive to help your cooling system operate at 100% and stop system corrosion.

Flush prices:

  • Fuel System Flush: $119.17
  • Transmission Flush: $129.95 (synthetic fluid extra)
  • Cooling System Flush: $109.99
  • Brake Flush Service: $89.99